Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blogging for Dummies!!!

What time does the book store open?Hopefully, I will get the hang of this with a little help,or should I say with, a lot of help. Today was a busy one,running errands.Is it just me or does it seem like the hardest work comes on days off? I bought a new cell phone today,one with a qwerty board. I need to master the art of texting,and this is suppose to be much faster.It didn't bother me too much when the grandkids were laughing about how slow I was at doing it,but when the adults were sending 3 messages asking what happened to me...............while I'am still trying to answer the first message,I knew I better step up my game. I'am on a self improvement kick at the moment,I'am tired of my straight hair.Tomorrow I get a perm, and anyone who has ever had one knows,that's a roll of the dice. I'am sure everything will turn out ok,what the heck, if it doesn't I can always text for help.


  1. We really are living the same life, aren't we? Except for that whole perm thing. The LAST thing I need is for my hair to be any curlier.I'm slowly getting the hang of texting, but the kids all run circles around me.

    And I'm on a big ol' self improvement kick, too. Good for us!!

  2. YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAA,Let's hear it for the home team!!!! You know I have alway's been envious of your hair. I added a playlist to my blog,shut it off if it drives you crazy.......just some different old tunes I like.Want to practice texting?????

  3. Sure, baby. Text me with your best shot!!

  4. Well im glad u have a different phone,we havent had time to test ur texting,lol lov u


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