Sunday, May 3, 2009

SUNDAY,The day of rest.I have long since given up on trying to sleep late on Sundays,but I hope to make it till 7a.m. at least.No such luck!!!!The phone rings,"Is there any way you could cut my hair today?"........"Do you want breakfast?" I must have skipped school on the day we had our lesson on How To Say No!So,after I finished cutting hair and entertaining,I started doing my "To Do" list. Excuse me,I started after 3 more phone calls from people who think my number is the "Dear Abby" line. Anyway today I have served as a barber-which I am not, a beautician-which I am not, a groomer to 2 shihtzus-which I am not,but do in between visits to the real groomer. Prepared meals for my spoiled "furry kids", that will last for a week -10 days, I throw it in the freezer,saves time later.So,it's 13 hours later and I am on my last load of laundry and trying to share with you all. It's A GOOD THING it is raining or I would be mowing with the headlights on, Martha Stewart-I am not. I have also decided I don't need a DVR,the darn thing is full and I don't see a day of rest anytime soon.