Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Chimney

There was such a good feeling to this place by the wayside,a feeling of home. I saw the children playing in the shade of the tree's and could hear their laughter. As I stepped closer I could hear the Mother in the house humming an old hymn,I had to step closer and I saw her as she carried her baby on her hip while she boiled beans in an iron pot,in this fireplace,to feed her hungry family. I heard her husbands footsteps on the old wooden porch and heard her call to the children to get a fresh bucket of water from the well for their Daddy to wash up with. The husband came in and slipped his calloused hand tenderly around her waist and gave her a gentle peck on her cheek,I could feel the love between them. Soon Mother hollered "supper" and all came a runnin' to enjoy this fine feast of beans and cornbread and onion and an apple crisp for desert but not before Daddy said the blessing,of course. I stood in awe as the sights and sounds and even the aroma of the food took over my memories and made me long for days gone by. It was time for me to leave now but I'll always remember this family and the love they shared in a time long ago at this place by the wayside even if it was only in my mind.~Dinah~