Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day and Childhood Memories!

I imagine everyone has memories of this holiday,picnics with family and friends or fall festivals. Maybe the last camping trip of the summer. I think a lot of people are just happy to be off work and spend time at home. I also have all those memories and they are dear to me. But the memories of my childhood always creep in this time of year. When I was growing up in Michigan,school always started the same day every year,the first Wednesday after Labor Day. Childlike,of course,it was a dread,but it also meant a new pair of shoes. Shoes weren't something we got every week like kids do today. It was special,I would get a new pair of leather shoes,usually penny loafers. It's funny but I can still remember the fragrance of the new leather,and of course we couldn't forget to buy taps to go on them so they would last longer,along with shoe polish for them. This is a special memory of mine that is nice to recall(everything but the blisters on the heels I got later from the shoes)but sad because it makes me hurt for the past. Oh,and I almost forgot,and 2 brand new bright shiny pennies to place in them. As years went by the pennies were replaced with a dime(I guess no one wanted to look cheap)but if I wore them today it would still be pennies for me. Well I just wanted to share that with anyone that might have a few different kinds of memories of Labor Days gone by. One other thing,I also had to get a cheap pair of Gym shoes every year,YUK.I hated gym class.Happy Labor Day to All!