Sunday, February 28, 2010

March Madness

Is it just me or is time flying by? I can't believe tomorrow is the the first day of March already. With that comes spring cleaning(oh joy)and in two weeks we have to run the clocks up(double joy). Can you hear the thrill? I wish they would leave the clock as it is. I have enjoyed waking up with the sun but the time change will put me back to getting up before dawn. Ok,I got that off my chest. I have spent most of today making plans for my spring cleaning,what to keep and what to donate(parting with things comes very hard for me). I never need something until I get rid of it or so it seems. But it's time for a change,like moving furniture to new spots and rearangeing all the dust collectors and putting them in different areas and updating the window treatments. I like doing this,it's just getting started and finding the time but at least I have my list made out and that calls for shopping(shopping I love). So hopefully I will get on a roll this week and begin this project that will most likely take me until lawnmowing time to complete. Mowing,wow,I better stop now because I'm about to start complaining again. How long is it till Fall?