Friday, March 9, 2012

I Can't Believe it's Been almost 6 Month's!!!

I'm a bad bad blogger! Where has this time gone? I haven't posted since September. All the Holiday's flew by in a flash,the winter here has been warmer than normal and outside project's started that are not completed. Since Christmas tho I do have a reason (or excuse if you may). I had cervical spine surgery right after the Holiday's and due to several complication's have not been up to par. I am now going to therapy 3 time's a week and preparing for lower back surgery within a few week's and I'm hoping this one will go alot smoother than the first. It is a slow go but I'm hoping and praying after all this is over that maybe,just maybe I can feel GOOD again. I have so many thing's I would like (and need) to do and being a couch potato is not one of them. Keep me in your prayer's. I think of each and everyone of you often. Hopefully,I will be posting soon.~Dinah~