Sunday, May 30, 2010

This Ain't Nothing

Today wasn't one of my better days,I awoke at 5:30 this morning to a bursted waterpipe that had flooded a bedroom,Maxwell(my furbabie)has pulled another muscle in his hip and can't walk(and won't pee even tho I took him out in the rain and even lifted his leg for him),my sewing machine broke,I just got my computer out of the shop and I'm not sure it's working properly(there's no telling what this post will look like)I had written a long post in detail of my day but lost it and for the most part I had been dishearted all day. But then something comes along and reminds me that I have seen much tougher days and survived them and how much I have to be thankful for. This video is a tear jerker but it sure puts things in perspective. Have a great week ya'll.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh Me,Oh My

Today I'm SIX-DEE!!!!!!!............................This blog is temporarily interrupted.............I'm going to hunt Father time...........I have a bone to pick with him!!!!!!!!!~Dinah~

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Let's Be........

Let's be Teddy Bears in our next lifetime
Everybody loves them
Nobody cares if they are fat
and the older they get
the more they are worth.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

You Light Up My Life

I went to yardsales again the other day(never would have guessed it would you,lol). apparently I have went light crazy lately. I couldn't pass up all of the light fixtures and lamps(not to mention all the nik-naks I bought). My Son came and installed the overhead fixtures for me(I don't know what I would do without him)and I just adore them(of course I adore him too). Thank you for lighting up my life(in more ways than one).

Found this swag light~$3.00

Finally,a light over my sink

I Liked these lamps~$6.00

BEFORE(I think these have saw at least 4 generations come and go)

AFTER,I Love,love these~$10.00

This is my computer room where I don't get to spend enough time lately.

Have a great week everyone,I going to try to get around to spending more time in my computer room,I miss my blogging buddies.~Dinah~

Friday, May 14, 2010

A Quick hello

Hey guy's,just checking in. Got this today and thought it was the cutest thing ever. Hope you all have a great weekend. Catch ya later.

Circumcised (this is priceless!) A teacher noticed that a little boy at the back of the class was squirming around, scratching his crotch, and not paying attention. She went back to find out what was going on. He was quite embarrassed and whispered that he had just recently been circumcised and he was quite itchy. The teacher told him to go down to the principal's office.. He was to telephone his mother and ask her what he should do about it. He did it and returned to his class. Suddenly, there was a commotion at the back of the room She went back to investigate only to find him sitting at his desk with his penis hanging out. "I thought I told you to call your mom!" she said. "I did," he said, "And she told me that if I could stick it out till noon, she'd come and pick me up from school." KIDS, DON'T YOU JUST LOVE 'EM! ~Dinah~

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Love Like No Other

Ballad of a Mother's Heart

The night was dark,
For the moon was young,
And the Stars were asleep and rare,
The clouds were thick,
Yet Youth went out,
To see his Maiden fair.

Dear one,
he pleaded as he knelt before her feet in tears.
My love is true,
Why have you kept me waiting all this years?
The maiden looked at him.
Unmoved it seemed,
And whispered low.

Persistent Youth,
You have to prove by deeds,
That your love is true.
"There's not a thing
I haven't done for you,Beloved" said he.
"Then, go." said she. "To your mother dear,
And bring her heart to me.

Without another word,
Youth left and went to his mother dear.
He opened her breast and took her heart!
But he did not shed a tear.

Then back to his Maiden fair,
He ran unmindful of the rain.
But his feet slipped, And he fell down,
As he did, he groaned with pain!

And then, he held the prize,
That would win his Maiden's hands.
But he thought of his mother dear,
So kind,so sweet,so fond

But then,
he heard a voice!
Not from his lips,
But close by.

"Are you ok?" it said.
"Are you hurt,My Child?"
It was his mother's heart.

Friday, May 7, 2010

My Name is Dinah and I'm a Shopaholic

I went to a yard sale this morning and found this painting,it was sooo me that I just had to have it. Nothing wrong with that,right? WRONG!! I have just recently cleaned and donated stuff to make more room. Well in the few short weeks since then all I have done in my free time is go to yard sales and thrift stores and have bought more stuff than I gave away in the first place. So needless to say,my spare room is full once again. All my walls are full,what was I thinking and this is a very large painting. I'm telling myself that I will stop and just start doing my treasure hunting in my spare bedroom. Any idea's on how to stop this addiction? In the mean time I will go and clear a wall to hang this on,right after I check to see if there are any meetings close by. Hope you all have a great weekend and a Happy Mother's Day.~Dinah~

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mama's China

Hey Guy's,hope everyone is doing good in blogland. Have you all been busy,busy like me? I guess it's just that time of year when there is not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Here while back when I was cleaning out stuff to give away to charity I packed up my Mothers old china. It was rarely ever used and I really needed to clear out some space. Well the tote with the china sat in my computer room about 6 weeks until just the other night when sentimental ole me reared her head,you guessed it,I couldn't get rid of my Mama's china. So,I cleaned out the old hutch and tada..........this is what I got.

The memories came flooding back and I'm glad I didn't give it away. It may not look like much to the rest of the world,but it reminds me of the woman that meant the world to me. So on Mothers Day I will visit her and put flowers on her grave. Love you Mama.~Dinah~

Monday, May 3, 2010

Bring Your Sense of Humor

This is a little borderline but don't we all have a little redneck in us? I got a good laugh out of it and hope you do too. Have a good night.

Josh Burrows interprets the ten commandments for all the rednecks across the country.