Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mama's China

Hey Guy's,hope everyone is doing good in blogland. Have you all been busy,busy like me? I guess it's just that time of year when there is not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Here while back when I was cleaning out stuff to give away to charity I packed up my Mothers old china. It was rarely ever used and I really needed to clear out some space. Well the tote with the china sat in my computer room about 6 weeks until just the other night when sentimental ole me reared her head,you guessed it,I couldn't get rid of my Mama's china. So,I cleaned out the old hutch and tada..........this is what I got.

The memories came flooding back and I'm glad I didn't give it away. It may not look like much to the rest of the world,but it reminds me of the woman that meant the world to me. So on Mothers Day I will visit her and put flowers on her grave. Love you Mama.~Dinah~


  1. I can't get rid of my mother's china either, even though its never been used since her death, 27 years ago. Maybe my little granddaughter will end up with it someday...every piece is there. My mom loved that china and there's just no way I could bring myself to have it leave the family circle. So I know exactly how you feel. Hope you're safe from the flooding where you are.

  2. I think your mother's china is lovely and I am so glad you didn't give it away, it should stay in your family.......:-) Hugs

  3. You made the right decision. You can pass it on to one of the grandkids someday, and it looks lovely in your hutch!

  4. Happy Mothers Day! I still have lots of stuff from my Mom. I just had her sewing machine repaired. Might be time to actually USE it. :)

    I love your Mothers China. Its BEAUTIFUL!

  5. When we got back from a year in Florida, I figured that what we didn't miss, or need, in a full year....well....I cleaned out 60 years of "stuff" and a few memories went with it.

    BUT, here's a thought: Why leave it for someone else to get rid of, or STORE????

    USE IT DAILY and don't make a museum out of what your mom loved. ENJOY it like she would want you to!!


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