Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Could Tell You........

Yep,here I sit,wondering what to say that might be of any interest to anyone other than me! I could tell you how the last month has been nothing but Doctors visits and test which left me feeling no better than when I started. I could tell you how Spring is on us and the grass is growing and needs mowing and how we usually don't have much Springtime so the dreadful heat is on it's way. Which by the way (sorry but) Summertime and I are not the best of friends.

I could tell you that the reason I tweaked my blog again was because of pop-ups. I guess it was from my background, must have been, because I think I fixed it. Then there is Maxwell that seems to be getting more demanding everyday but then who could
say no to this face?

I could go on and on but you would just get bored and leave.........wait,I COULD tell you about my Great-Granddaughter Bailee.

but I won't. So I will stop for now until (and maybe soon) I have something good that I could tell you.~Dinah~