Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thoughts and Sites!!

Well,I had to go to wal-mart this morning(woohoo),so I'm sharing some of my thoughts and sites along the way. Hope you enjoy the ride.

The corn is almost ready for harvest. I told you fall was here.

This church is built of sandstone,there are many buildings in this area made from this stone and I remember my Grandmother telling me about how my Grandfather and my Daddy would dig these stones out of the rock quarry(by hand)and sell them for these purposes. When I first married I lived right next to the same rock quarry(but thats a story for another time).

And this.

Side view.

Even the school where my children finished is sandstone. It was built in the 20's.

I love this old building,it's not far from my home and I'm so scared that they will end up tearing it down instead of restoring it. I love the sound of walking on these old wood floors and the smells take me back to a simplier time.