Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's a Goooojus Day Here!

What a beautiful day it has been here today,couldn't order weather more perfect than this,72 and sunshine. So far this has been a pretty good week considering,the car went in the shop again,it's fixed and didn't break the bank. The water company informed me that I had a small water leak that over doubled my bill. I stressed for days thinking,of course,that it was under the house which only a stringbean can get under because this old house is only about 6 inches off the ground. But luckily my Uncle stopped by yesterday,walked across the yard and said "you have a leak under this outside water faucet". I kept my fingers crossed that he was right. Sure'nuff,after he dug down 2 1/2 feet,there it was. Not many people would have gotten down in that mud to repair it for me without charging an arm and a leg. He refused to take any money for helping me,which made me feel bad. I may not have the most friends and family in the world but I do have some of the best. I got out this morning to pay bills and enjoy this "gooooojus" weather and of course I could not pass by the thrift stores without stopping. Yes I am a junkstore junkie, I love all things rustic. Took a picture of this old wooden chicken coop hanging on the wall being used as a shelf,love it. You can stop laughing now,I also liked the lamp on top made out of a meat grinder. What do ya think?

I bought a few things,of course,2 sets of curtains and some birds I will paint to hang on the wall. Oh yeah,I forgot to tell you about nearly breaking my little toe the other night when I got up half asleep to turn the heat back on. I am very clumsy even when I'm wide awake,funny,I don't remember being that way when I was younger. I will spare you the picture of the black and blue foot.......your welcome.

Tomorrow is back to the Doctor again(heart Dr.this time)he is a hundred miles away and I'm sure that will be a do over when he orders test for a later date. They know this ahead of time I don't know why it can't all be scheduled for the same day? I guess the price of gas hasn't gone so high in their world. So I will make the best of it,there are some great thrift stores in that city,lol. I need to slow down with that addiction or ya'll might see me some night on hoarders. Just kidding,I'm not that far gone,yet! I think I have bent your ears long enough,have a great weekend and I hope the sun is shining on you all.~Dinah~