Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Wise Old Owl

Something dawned on me this morning just when I least expected it,(for all the smart butts,no it wasn't the sun).It was the fact that after all these years of making every mistake in the book,I can finally see where there might be a purpose for that.

For years now it seems I have spent a lot of time solving other peoples problems. Some have asked me why I continue to listen to this on a daily basis from so many different people.They asked because,they know I take everyone's problem to heart.I am a known worry wart who wants to fix everything for everyone. Isn't that suppose to be a male trait? Must have been all the estratest I took when I was younger.

The "something" that dawned on me this morning was that I love giving advice to people that are going through things that I have already been through. Hoping to make their journey a lttle smoother than mine. Weather they take that advice or not is up to them,but just knowing they think enough of me to ask my advice makes me feel like a wise old owl.

So bring it on, I'm pumped, I earned these gray hairs(under my haircolor),ask me anything, anything at all,I don't give a hoot.