Friday, April 15, 2011

To Whom it May Concern

I need to start this out with a heartfelt apology(for not posting sooner)to those who have sent kind words and concern for me. It really lifts my spirits to know someone is thinking of me,Thank ya'll from the bottom of my heart.....Now,on to the boring stuff(I'll try to make a long story short). The medicine the Doctor gave me for my stomach and esphogus has really helped,He said they were one solid sore that seems to be from stress,so hopefully that problem will soon be solved. My main worry is the blockage in my right carotid artery. I had surgery on my left one several years ago,they waited until it was 97% blocked and mini-strokes hitting at least once a week. My right one is now at 60%(insurance will not pay for surgery until the blockage reaches at least 70%). So of course they want to treat it,for the time being with meds. The problem is if I take the plavix I end up with blood blisters all over me and the cholesterol medicine puts me in severe muscle pain. It's a no win situation. My fear of having a major stroke doesn't help,my parents both had strokes. My Mother only lived 5 days after having one but my Father lived 10 years as helpless as a baby. I took care of him at home for those 10 years and know the hell he went though. I'm trying to live each day and staying busy to not think about what the future holds for me,some days are harder than others. So,I'm planning a new project. I think it's time to paint the house again.......just as soon as I can decide on colors.♥~Dinah~♥