Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010....A Cold Start!

Well,I have said my goodbyes to Santa and Acquaintances,The Christmas tree and decorations are all put away and I'm looking at a New Year and New Decade. 2010,sounds kind of robotic doesn't it? Growing up in the 50's,the thought of being here in 2010 just sounded unreal. Yes,I will be hitting the big 6-0 in May,that seems unreal too. Enough about that! The new year has brought with it some very cold weather for this neck of the woods. The low teens and wind chills this morning of 4 below and they predict this for at least another week. Now I'm no wimp and can take the cold,it's just that I live in a very old house(it used to belong to my grandparents)that sits about 12 inches off the ground. So,if my pipes freeze and burst then I have to find a little(and I mean little)guy who is willing to crawl under there to fix it. Not to mention doing without water until the weather warms up enough to thaw it all out. Thats what I get for building on to a house that was originally built low on the ground because it had no plumbing in those days. Which brings us to my new header and background. When I first moved to the south in 1966(from Michigan)believe it or not there were many kitchens that still looked like this and with no plumbing. I even lived in a couple of them but that's a story for another time. All my life I have been fascinated with that era and still am today. Guess I have rambled on long enough with my thoughts bouncing everywhere so have a great year and send me lots of warm wishes so my pipes won't freeze.