Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Wow, I already said that didn't I? Wow,there must be an echo in here. Yes it's true I'm going to be a Great Grandmother. When did I get that old? If the 50's are the new 40's then I'm too young for this and I'm not going to mention the fact that I'm not that far off from the 60's. I went with my daughter-in-law and granddaughter today for a sonogram. A new life,a new beginning,the closest thing to heaven I think we ever see.I can almost smell it's breath,there's nothing any sweeter.Anyway,It's a Girl which I have no idea how they can tell that since she had her back to us the whole time.As I have said before,I have 2 granddaughters,from 2 sons.It goes without saying that I will love this baby,but as a mother of only sons,I am still holding out for a boy. It's been awhile since I rocked a baby boy. But as my granddaughter was leaving,after we arrived home,I gently stroked her tummy and silently thought to myself. Sweetheart,I love you,and if you ARE a little girl, you might want to reconsider and grow some balls,your going to need them in this old world.