Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I know, I promised that from now on I would keep this blog sane, but I have to share my last 24 hours. Late last night I went out to walk my furry children (Max and Maggie). It was so nice outside and as we walked along, Max, of course being his usual (I'm the man) self, chasing rabbits and moths and dragging me around, while poor little Maggie done her business and was looking at me with those eyes that said, boys! Well finally, Max settled down so we could enjoy our walk, as I was taking in the wonderful night air, I looked up toward the sky and for the first time in many many years, I saw the most perfect falling star. Of course I made a wish, But I felt it had special meaning because in about 2 hours it would be my birthday. I had enjoyed seeing the star so much I was sure that was my birthday present. Then today I got up as always and went to work, not thinking too much about my birthday. At my age(59) it's not something you really look forward to anymore. My children were coming tonight, which always is my happy time. As I was driving home and pondering back over my life and birthdays gone by, I thought to myself, birthdays just aren't the same when your Mama is gone. I don't know if it's the birth connection or just because Mama's make you feel special. But, I came on home, fed and walked Max and Maggie, who are always happy I'm home, and went to my computer. Now, my computer sits right next to the bedroom door where my invalid Daddy was for many years before he passed. I have lived in this house for the better part of 43 years and I know every sound this old house makes. I heard a noise and turn to see, and the door right in front of me was shaking back and forth(the door was closed). I knew someone was there, I investigated, but I knew in my heart I would find nothing. I said " I know your there, who is it?" It rattled again. That being my Daddy's room, I said "Daddy is that you?" Everything went silent........and I knew, I said " Mama, is that you?" And the door rattled three times as hard...........I said " Thank you for wishing me Happy Birthday, I know it's you and I love and miss you very much." The door never rattled again. Later, I knew better but I told my family what had happened, they just think I'm a little out there. But it's ok, because my Mama visited today.