Tuesday, July 21, 2009

5 Things you may Not know about Me

Hello all, Today I have been tagged by The Flowerchild Chroniclesto tell 5 things about myself. You wouldn't think that would be hard to do but it is. So I will give it a try, here goes.

1.I wish that when I was young that I had given less thought to men and more thought to education,I wish I had studied to be a Doctor.

2.I am scared to death of water and never learned to swim even tho I had to take swimming in school........Oh how I hated that.

3.I am not accepting getting old very well. Dying is not my fear but not know who's looking back from the mirror and not being able to care for myself is.

4.I eat when I am nervous,that answers the question of why I'm 25 pounds over weight.

5.I wish I knew how to pilot a plane,that would be so exciting.

Well there you are,nothing too out of the ordinary,just some thoughts.