Friday, May 22, 2009

The pro's and con's of computer addiction!

Well guy's I'm addicted. There's no doubt about it,and here are the reason's why.

1.I have quit shopping which was my number one thing to do when I had time, but that saves alot of money so that's a pro.

2.I need to be spring cleaning,instead I'm on the computer.That's a con.

3.I have cut down drastically on my Grazing(snacking)so I could possibly lose a pound or two. That's another pro.

4.My furry children are feeling awfully unloved.Another con.

5.My spelling is improving(a little). That's a pro.

6.My soap opera is missing me. Another con, or is that a pro?

7.I'm thinking of quitting my job so I can spend more time blogging.Got to be a hmmm.

8.My friend's all think I ran away. That's a pro and a con.

9.My granddaughter now thinks I'm cool. We know that's a pro.

10.I have begun crying at the site of "0 comment's". I think that is a con.

Ok,let's tally up.That's 5 pro's and 4 con's and 1 undecided. Guess I'll see you all tomorrow.