Sunday, November 1, 2009

This is my 100th Post!!!

Thanks to my followers(well,some of you have suffered through all 100 with me)I have made it this far. WooHoo! But without a lot of encouragement from you all I'm sure I would have ended this awhile back. I'm still learning something new every day but I guess that's pretty good for someone that knew nothing about a computer when I started. I love doing this and hope you bear with me a little while longer,Thanks again for following. Ok,back to business. It has been a beautiful day here so as usual I had to get out and take a few photos to share. Of course everyone else around(at least the smart ones)were sleeping in this morning(it is Sunday)so I just had to decide where to go(alone). Naturally I end up at one of my favorite place's for the beauty of nature and it's only 10 mins away. For anyone that has been following my blog for very long I'm sure you might recognise this place but I had to go over there to see the fall colors. This is a State park now but in my younger years of making memories there it was nothing more than woods and a bluff. From this bluff you can see 3 counties and pictures can't describe the piece in this place. I wish I could have shared all of the pix but there were just to many. In the picture with the tree and the big rock I have sat there many times and enjoyed the beauty(they have put up fences now). There was no one else around this morning except me and my maker,I did get a call on my cell while I was there When I told them where I was and what I was doing their reply was "well,If someone grabs you while your there,make sure you take their picture before they throw you off the bluff". Always a smart a** in the bunch. I guess I have rambled long enough so would you like to take this ride with me? If so,let's go.

P.S.Hope you enjoyed,Have you figured out by now that I'm a Ridge Runner?lol.