Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's a Goooojus Day Here!

What a beautiful day it has been here today,couldn't order weather more perfect than this,72 and sunshine. So far this has been a pretty good week considering,the car went in the shop again,it's fixed and didn't break the bank. The water company informed me that I had a small water leak that over doubled my bill. I stressed for days thinking,of course,that it was under the house which only a stringbean can get under because this old house is only about 6 inches off the ground. But luckily my Uncle stopped by yesterday,walked across the yard and said "you have a leak under this outside water faucet". I kept my fingers crossed that he was right. Sure'nuff,after he dug down 2 1/2 feet,there it was. Not many people would have gotten down in that mud to repair it for me without charging an arm and a leg. He refused to take any money for helping me,which made me feel bad. I may not have the most friends and family in the world but I do have some of the best. I got out this morning to pay bills and enjoy this "gooooojus" weather and of course I could not pass by the thrift stores without stopping. Yes I am a junkstore junkie, I love all things rustic. Took a picture of this old wooden chicken coop hanging on the wall being used as a shelf,love it. You can stop laughing now,I also liked the lamp on top made out of a meat grinder. What do ya think?

I bought a few things,of course,2 sets of curtains and some birds I will paint to hang on the wall. Oh yeah,I forgot to tell you about nearly breaking my little toe the other night when I got up half asleep to turn the heat back on. I am very clumsy even when I'm wide awake,funny,I don't remember being that way when I was younger. I will spare you the picture of the black and blue foot.......your welcome.

Tomorrow is back to the Doctor again(heart Dr.this time)he is a hundred miles away and I'm sure that will be a do over when he orders test for a later date. They know this ahead of time I don't know why it can't all be scheduled for the same day? I guess the price of gas hasn't gone so high in their world. So I will make the best of it,there are some great thrift stores in that city,lol. I need to slow down with that addiction or ya'll might see me some night on hoarders. Just kidding,I'm not that far gone,yet! I think I have bent your ears long enough,have a great weekend and I hope the sun is shining on you all.~Dinah~


  1. Dinah, haha about hoarders! good luck at the doctors :) And it is a gorgeous day!

  2. Is gougeous here too. Spose to be 80 tomorrow. Sorry to hear about the toe.

    I like the coop shelf.


  3. Hey is glorious here also! I love that old chicken coop...I would have bought it! I once saw a pic of one used as a coffee table! Glad you got your water leaked family is so good to me the same way..hope all goes well at the doctor vist and thanks so much for coming take care friend...Picket

  4. I pray all goes well with the doctor and that the tests come out good. I'm glad you are enjoying the nice weather. We have had some nice day's here in Minnesota as well but still a lot of snow...and talk for snow next week...oh well...I understand your love for thrift stores...the best kind of have been in my thoughts. XX

  5. Being from an old country home in Indiana, when we got to Florida last week, the first thing? A HUGE LEAK!! In Indiana, we'd just hire someone to go into the basement and look up....drip, drip. Fix it and leave the small bill.

    Here, the house is on a concrete slab! SO I envisioned having the floor jack hammered up and the leak being beneath 4 inches of concrete.

    A "company" came in and said "Yep. It happens."

    Heart attacks also happen, and with atrial fibrillation, I went into hyper-drive.

    Next day, an old neighbor man came in. Looked. Said "Yep. I can fix it."

    And he did. But that week of terror tore me up.


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