Sunday, March 20, 2011

An Amazing Sunset!

I don't know where my thinkin' cap is,here lately,but I sure need to find it and put it back on. Last night was suppose to be some kind of "super moon" but I never saw it but I did see the biggest and most amazing sunset that I have ever seen. It was setting so fast and I was trying to get a picture,I was so excited I couldn't hold my camera still. I'm sure I will never see a bigger sunset in my liftime, I am so mad at myself. WHY,I did not switch to video is beyond me!!! Did anyone else see it? Here are the only pictures I got,just had to share.~Dinah~


  1. I didnt see either. I didnt read about the super moon till this morning. I imagine the tides were high somewhere.

    Nice pics.

  2. I missed the moon too, but I'm pretty sure its going to be there again tonight, right? :) Love your sunset pix, so beautiful!

  3. very nice,, i missed them both,, lol

  4. That is AWESOME! Looks like a big red balloon. :)


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