Sunday, May 30, 2010

This Ain't Nothing

Today wasn't one of my better days,I awoke at 5:30 this morning to a bursted waterpipe that had flooded a bedroom,Maxwell(my furbabie)has pulled another muscle in his hip and can't walk(and won't pee even tho I took him out in the rain and even lifted his leg for him),my sewing machine broke,I just got my computer out of the shop and I'm not sure it's working properly(there's no telling what this post will look like)I had written a long post in detail of my day but lost it and for the most part I had been dishearted all day. But then something comes along and reminds me that I have seen much tougher days and survived them and how much I have to be thankful for. This video is a tear jerker but it sure puts things in perspective. Have a great week ya'll.



  1. Sorry to hear your day was so sour. Things seem big when they pile up.

    Hope things look up for you soon.

    Hope you have a great Memorial Day

  2. Oh my your day didn't sound too good, I am hoping tomorrow will be much better.
    Happy Memorial Day.....:-) Hugs

  3. We all have days like that - very frustrating! But, as the song says, this ain't nothin', and I think we realize that! Sorry about Max's leg - how old is he? Did he hurt it jumping off a piece of furniture? We used to have a peke that we built a set of steps for to get up on the bed, and I also had to help the shitzu whenever I could so she didn't do stupid stunts on those short little legs. The peke lived to be 20 years old, and the last year she was blind and I had to carry her in and out many times a day to pee. What we do for our furbabies!

    Hope your Memorial Day is a good one for you.

  4. Oh wow! You seem to be having a rough day. I hope it gets better!

  5. Sometimes we need eyeopeners like that video to remind us just how blessed we are, in spite of burst water pipes and broken computers.

    You weren't kidding when you said that was a tear jerker. You know how we sometimes get in a weepy mood - no real reason, just hormones - well, I've been crying at everything all weekend: movies, my own furballs, memorial blog tributes. I even cried over an old episode of Bewitched, because Darrin was so morose when he thought he had lost an account.

    So thank you for that poignant reminder that we really have so much for which to be thankful.

    (And I DO hope tomorrow brings better news for you!)

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  7. some days are the pits, aint they,, lol,, but you still had that day,, and thanx for the post,,:)

  8. Sorry you're having such a bad day, somehow I thought you had just fixed a broken water pipe. Thanks for posting the video though, helps put all of our little annoyances into perspective.

    Keep smiling and blogging! Great place to vent!

  9. Well, just so you'll feel better: We went to Florida for my health and the deal on the Florida house fell through and we had to return: I had a "slight" stroke and went deaf in my left ear last week and the Dr. "thinks" it might be due to "mold spores". SO we went into the basement and found black mold. That day we had the "mold people" out, then we had to pay $12,000 THAT DAY to get a new furnace that fights mold. THEN it rained and our roof leaked, so we're looking at a new roof......THEN the old electric on our house won't run the new furnace/AC so we have to have the wiring updated......(If we'd known this, we would have put the wasted money on a SPECTACULAR Florida home)

  10. I hope since you wrote the post that things have improved; that you've had lots to smile about.

    I like the video. The older I get, the more I grow to like country music. :)

  11. Wow! Your plate has been full...but you are right this song puts thi ngs into perspective. I hope that things are improved since you wrote this post. Thank you so much for your kind words today...I really appreciate them. XX Lori


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