Monday, April 27, 2009

"That's Life.....What can I tell you."

Let me start by saying Hello to all,as you can see by the name of my blog,this blog is starting out with no aim.Hopefully in time,there will be one,but for now I am infatuated with doing this.Maybe it's not so much an infatuation as it is a need. A need to reach out,a need to reach out and touch or be touch by people who have things in common.I'am at that point in life when I should be on a beach in a tropical paradise,but like everyone else in the real world.....I live in the real world.Don't get me wrong,I have two wonderful son's,two beautiful granddaughter's,and all tho I feel like a fairly young 58 year old woman,I'am soon to be a great grandmother.My interest are many,we can talk about most any subject,you name it.Love a good debate.So, Let's see where can we start?How many of you out there are like me and wonder where all the peek's in life have gone?You know what I'am talking about,that magical roller coaster ride,the moment's that take your breathe away,when time stand's still.Seem's those are over,or is it just me?So if you'd like,share your moment's with me,maybe I'am missing the point.But for now it just seem's like it's time to pass the torch,and it's not easy."That's Life....What can I say."


  1. hi, while your background is pretty and makes the text hard to read...i'll read it

  2. lv4921391:Thanks for the support,is this better?

  3. The magic is still out there,I see and feel great about so much in life,even though im still on a up hill climb from a hard fall in life,I feel it is worth the climb,


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