Monday, May 25, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away!

I think it has rained almost every day for the past 6 weeks. I'm afraid to complain too much because I know when it stops we are in for very dry weather. Oh what the heck, I have to complain. It's like a doggone swamp out there, you know it's bad when it smells moldy. Maybe I can mow and weedeat soon. I am trying to get a few things done in the house. Today I put away winter clothes and unpacked the summer stuff, I have to do that twice a year because there isn't enough closet space in this old house.The spare bedroom has become a store room so somethings gotta give which means I better get ready to part with something. I don't part with things to well,I always think I might need that for something one day.I'm going to stop this rambling now about my chore's, I'm sure you have all had about enough.As far as the rain goes,If no one hears from me in a few days,send the lifeboats. And I live on a mountain!


  1. I've got so many chores to do, and not a bit of energy to do them. But at least it has stopped raining here - at least for a while. More storms coming in tonight.

    Good thing my basement is finally draining!

  2. Glad to hear the basement is not underwater. When things like that happen it kind of makes you long for a penthouse doesn't it? I wish sometimes it was like the old western days when a drifter came along and worked for his keep.Of course that drifter has to sleep in the barn and look like(oh! I don't know)Robert Redford.

  3. I have a drifter around here who shows up at my door sometimes asking for work. Can we just say that he DOESN'T look like Robert Redford?

    Not even close...

  4. oh yes, i know! it NEVER stops raining here! no matter what, it always has to rain on the weekend! that's what sucks the most!

  5. Are you living at my house? Rain for weeks, no closet space, extra bedroom being used for storage... it all sounds SO familiar!! lol!


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