Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shih Tzu Mama

I am the mama of 2 shih tzus which I consider my furry children. They were both rescue babies and came to me at a time I needed them most. People say I spoil them rotten,I tell them that is the reason I have them. I have also been asked if I plan on spending the rest of my life single? Yes is my standard answer,and of course they want to know why I would prefer my furry children to a man. Here are some of the reasons why.

1.My dogs are always happy to see me.

2.Dogs are better protectors than men.

3.Dogs can be taught the word no.

4.Dogs don't take a handful of pills when their sick to keep from going to the vet.

5.Dogs can always find their way back home after a night on the town.

6.A dog will fetch the morning paper.

7.A dog wants to be near you.

8.You can ask the vet to snip him even if he objects.

9.Dogs dig in the garden sometimes.

10.You can leave a dog alone and not worry about what it will break.

11.Dogs whine less.

12.Dogs are not so careless about leaving puddles on the bathroom floor.

13.A dog is a faithful companion.

14.You can train a dog not to lie on the bed,a man always lies in the bed.

15.Most dogs are really good with children.

16.Dogs are happy just to snuggle.

17.Having a dog around can actually relieve stress.

18.A dog is for life.


  1. You know, after reading that, even "I" feel like they've got us beat......

  2. Hi,I just wanted to say Thank You for visiting my page. I love reading blogs so I thought I would try one of my own. I think this is my second week so I guess I will keep it going for awhile and see how it goes... again Thank You

    Blessing's Ann

  3. Please email me so that we can set up a time to talk. CC


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