Thursday, June 25, 2009

Farrah Fawcett....Dead at 62

I just heard about Farrah and had to comment. It's so sad and she fought so hard. Of course like most she wasn't a personal friend but in a way it seemed she was. She brought me endless hours of entertainment,I loved her made for t.v movies the most. The last few years of her life were hard in many ways. How could I have not shared a few of my memories of her since my sons shared a bedroom with her for quite awhile(remember the famous poster)and she greeted me every morning when I went in to straighten up their room? Not to mention the fact that I wore her hairstyle for many years,heck,I think I still wear it on occasion. I wanted to say "Farrah you will be missed by many".


  1. Sad too about Michael Jackson. Sad day in the entertainment world.

  2. I have always loved watching Farrah, she was a great actress. I remember wearing her hair style also but now I can only wish I could still wear it. I don't seem to have as much as I use to. Farrah did fight a long, hard battle, she will truely be missed by millions.


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