Thursday, September 24, 2009

Miss Bailee Grace

I would like you to meet my Great-Granddaughter,Bailee Grace. 7lbs2oz,she arrived yesterday. She is so beautiful and when she sleeps she sounds like a little baby kitten whining.Just makes me want to call her Kitty(I will try to refrain). I only thought it proper to introduce her because I'm sure you all will be hearing a lot about this little one. Mother is doing great thanks to all your prayers,thank you.


  1. How adorable...I want her!!!lol!!!
    many blessing's to you and your family...I am glad it all went well...


  2. What a precious little girl! Congratulations :)

  3. She looks like a little angel. She is beautiful!! Congratulations to you and your family.

  4. And to think you'd hoped it was a boy! Now you know you were wrong, don't you? I've never seen anything more beautiful. I can't wait to meet her this weekend.


    Enjoy her so very very much - heck I am not even a grandma let alone a great-grandma. But if I do become a grandma I will do my best to be great!!

    Huge HUGS to you and your family.


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