Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Trail of Tears

Today is the Annual Trail of Tears Commemorative Ride. I honor these riders and all that they stand for. My Grandmother was a Cherokee,this was a terrible time for the Indian Nation. There is a lot of information on this subject on the web. If you are not familiar with this,you should spend a few moments to read.


  1. Hi!! My great-grandmother was full blooded Cherokee..I've often wanted to find out more. I'll google this and see what I find!! Hope you have a great day!!!

  2. My grandmother was Dakota. And while we're constantly beaten over the head to pay back for what our ancestors did (mine picked potatoes and didn't own slaves), THERE ARE STILL AMERICAN INDIANS KEPT ON RESERVATIONS. Payback? HA! Start with the ones who are STILL being treated like crap!

  3. Dana:You hit the nail on the head!

  4. I was thinking of the Trail of Tears while driving through New Mexico/Arizona earlier this summer. I know that was a different group of real Americans, but still made me realize how much that injustice has never been acknowledged.

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