Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'm finally Home

I guess I should let you all know how my road trip went. It went straight to hell!! Everything went wrong and that is an understatement,believe me. I'm not going to give details because I don't want to go there again in my memories,but I did learn one valuable lesson while I was gone. I now know where I belong and where I am loved. It will be awhile before I have any desire to tread far from home again. This is one time that I should have heeded the warnings. My heart kept telling me not to do this right now. So I will let this song tell you my feelings while I was away.


  1. Sorry it went so badly - I am heading out in a few minutes for our trip. Hopefully I won't feel the same way. Please take care of yourself and I am glad you feel so good to be home.

  2. I'm so sorry you had a bad time...I've had many times when I didnt listen to that little voice either..I hope things start looking up soon.


  3. Beautiful song with so many meanings to it. I'm so sorry you had a bad trip. But I really am glad your home. You are so loved and needed here more than you know. Your a wonderful person and friend and I love you dearly, if you EVER need me all you have to do is let me know I'll always be here. I LOVE YA LOTS!!!!


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