Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's One of Those Days

I was sitting here this morning wondering what to blog about today when I started looking thru pictures. I then started searching for pictures to put on my post from the computer. Well,still nothing,as I was looking,thoughts started popping thru my head as I saw each photo. So what I ended up with is my scattered thoughts for the day.......

AHH,the good old days

I need to go to the grocery store

Love my Grandkids

Oh,how I used to love to dance

Waiting on something good to come along

Trying to remember the girl I used to be

Why I don't have a boyfriend
I want to drink! - Funny Pictures

Why I don't like weddings
My wedding - Funny Pictures

Sure,after I go thru the change.

Better for momen

I have always loved my cig's and soft drinks.

I love to smoke


  1. Ha! Thanks for getting ME thinking now :)

  2. Those were great...and yes got me to thinking too!!!!!

  3. LOL so funny and poignant - always the sign of a great post!!!

  4. Hi! I visiting via being over at Bernie's.

    Love the post, especially the "why I don't have a boyfriend"

  5. You bitched and I showed up. God how I miss MY computer. I just woke up: Joe loaned me his laptop with a tear in his eye. I checked my blog. Read your comment. Here I am, and now I must get off Joe's computer before my magnetic energy kills it TOO.

  6. Hello my friend. Thank you for stopping by..Thats interesting about the crows...I love that. I hope you try the muffins I posted yesterday they are yummy.
    Many Blessings,


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