Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Thank You to the Veterans

past and present,for all you and your families sacrifice for our freedom. You make us proud! We will not be complete until you return home safe and sound. Again,Thank You.


  1. What a wonderful tribute. I hope we all remember not only tomorrow but every day.

  2. Thank you,Thank You,Thank you..hubby and I watched together it brought back alot of memories for him...I hope you dont mind I added a link for it on my page? I do not know how to add videos yet..I know how to do it for facebook...but not blogger.
    Have a great day..

  3. Thank your for giving us the chance to thank our soldiers and their families for serving above and beyond so we can live life freely.

    Have a wonderful day filled with free flyin' blessings!!!

  4. Bittersweet.
    I feel sadness, but also joy. We live in a great country and I'm proud of all that defend us - past and present.
    Thank you for adding more meaning to this day.

  5. I hope we all remember not only tomorrow but every day. Work from home India

  6. Thanks for posting this. I have just had a relative come back from Kuwait after a year and a half deployment!

  7. Joe and I ate at a restaurant today that gave veterans their meal free! Wow. Not used to that kind of generosity.

    Plus, I can't pull myself away from staring at Max and Maggie.

    More photos PLEASE!

  8. Dana: did you see the photos in the slide show at the bottom of my page?


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