Friday, January 8, 2010

The Sunny South has Frozen Over

Being raised in snow country I know this looks like nothing to most but living on this mountain freezing temps can cause major problems. Most jobs are closed because of black ice. The brow roads are all closed going down the mountains. There is only one road that I know of that is open to go down the mountain and then you have to go 50 or 75 miles out of your way to get where your going. I love the mountains but it doesn't mix with snow and ice. The temps will not be above freezing for a least 4 or 5 days so we all might as well settle in. At the moment there is water and electricity but I'm afraid this weekend could change that as the temps are going to drop even lower. Thank goodness this only happens around here every decade or so. If you don't hear from me in a while,please send some salt trucks.


  1. It may not feel like it right now but to have to put up with this only once a decade ain't half bad. Here we freeze for months all winter long although at least our houses are built to withstand it. Must be awful while you're in the middle of it.

    Yes, I've got some salt trucks lined up. If you're still stranded by the time I get back from vacation, I'll send em over!

  2. I couldn't do it! I hope you guys have running water, electricity, and HEAT all weekend long! :)

  3. Dinah, just where below the Mason Dixon Line are you? I'm just north of Nashville, and your scenes look exactly like ours today!
    My Fred actually drives a salt truck this time of year. Yesterday he worked 18 hours. He won't even pave the way for me to get to work, so I'm fairly certain I couldn't persuade him to salt your roads. It's all about "priority routes," whatever that is.
    Good luck on staying warm til we see temps above freezing again!

  4. Ethel,I'm in North Alabama,maybe it will warm up soon.

  5. Oh, I feel for you. Hope everything works out well this weekend!!!

  6. I'm in northwest Georgia, just a smidgeon south of Chattanooga, so our landscape looks just like yours, except not in the mountains. I'm kicking myself for not filling up with gas before the temps dropped in the teens, because today I have to go to Petco in Chatt. for Eva Jean's special dog food! Our little neighborhood has it's own climate zone for some reason - my car and street can get a layer of ice, yet I'll go to my daughter's higher neighborhood four minutes away and she won't even have frost! Weather can be so fickle. We're in the country with many shaded roads, so also have trouble with the black ice. Hope you're not iced in for too long...keep warm!

  7. Stay warm and I hope things thaw out soon!

  8. Hi, Dinah, I'm shivering here just seeing those photos and reading about the COLD weather.

    I know I've been to your blog before, but I don't recall the header. Perhaps it's a new one. Anyway, I love it! So cozy.

    I got here today because of a Google alert! Imagine that. I get the strangest "alerts," because of my name (Laurel-Rain Snow), so I'll often get them for various weather-related items.

    But I'm glad I got this one today, because it's been a pleasant visit!


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