Thursday, February 4, 2010

This Breaks my Heart!

Yesterday I opened my MSN home page and and saw this in the headlines. "Debarking surgery for Dogs","would you do this to keep from getting evicted"? Needless to say,this made me so mad that I didn't bother to read the article. Am I the last person to know about this? Has anyone else heard about this? Anyway,my answer was HELL NO!!! I'm very protective of animals and this breaks my heart to know that THE WORLD HAS GONE NUTS!! One thing is for sure,I know several people that I would like to "Debark",starting with the ones that came up with this! What do you think about this cruel procedure?


  1. i think it is "nuts", but yes, I have heard about it for many years. I guess it is so out of bounds with me, that I never have given it much thought..

  2. I've heard about it. My neighbor thought about it for her dog, but never did it.
    I can't imagine not hearing my little dog bark. I wonder what she'd be feeling physically if she were trying to bark.
    I understand your outrage. Unfortunately, so much cruelty goes on with animals that I am not surprised with any of it.
    Thanks for talking about it and bringing attention to it. You never know when each of us, in a small way, will be able to help.

  3. I would never do it, but have been next door to some that I've threatened! It's a battle people have been waging for years, and I can see where a person would be 'tempted' if it meant parting with their beloved pet or finding a place to live IF they had one of those dogs that just won't shut up. Mind you, I'm not talking about the occasional bark or play barking, but that barking/howling that goes on all day and night, or all day when the owner is at work and the pet is confined in an apartment.

    When I worked at a vet's office, we occasionally had an owner who insisted on declawing their cat, and that was just horrendous, all to save the furniture. The vet would always try strenuously to talk them out of it, but would eventually if they insisted as they would just have found another vet. It's very painful for them, and can cause psychological damage, similar to losing a leg for us.

    I consider tail docking and ear clipping right up there with it, and thankfully some breeds, like with boxer ears, have stopped the practice, even on the show circuit.

  4. I have heard of this for a long time and I understand the concept - but it infuriates me also. In most cases there are no bad dogs just stupid owners who don't know how to have an animal. I can't imagine my dog not being able to bark - that's what dogs do. But as a responsible owner I have enough sense and control to keep her from barking being a nuisance and disturbing other people. I too know of many people I'd like to "debark" - I have an ex to sign up for that program!

  5. This is completely and utterly cruel. I'm sorry, but that would be like taking away someone's voice. This is the way my girls let me know when they have to go out and potty when I've overslept and they're still in their crates. Are you kidding me? I would never take that away from them for as much as it annoys me at times, it can really bring a smile to my face when I've having an off day. :)

  6. Back when I was a kid (about 12) my friend's parents did that to their dog - I loathed the idea back then and still loath it to this day.

    Why do some people get animals if they are not ready to take them as they are faults and all. Geesh do you de-bark Grampa when he starts getting old???

  7. Oh, that does sound beyond cruel! The dog owners have to come up with a better solution.

    Having lived across the lawn from a family that put the dog on a tiny, tiny patio all day long, and to hear the dog yelping pitifully all day...well, I complained to the management finally, because the people were being cruel to leave the dog outside in that tiny space!

    They started letting the dog in the house, finally, I think, because I only occasionally hear it now.

    But in this case, I did not blame the dog, but the dog owners.

  8. I feel the same way about declawing a kitty. If they have to do these things to cats and dogs in order to keep them, maybe they need a different pet....a bird?

  9. There's just somethin' very wrong about this!

    Ya'll have a fabulously blessed weekend!!!

  10. Hello friend! I have never heard of such things!!!! How could you call it a dog with no bark? My dad coon hunted for years and the dog's bark was the only way you could tell where the dog was and if he had fond a trail or had treed a coon and believe you me every man knew his dog's bark from a mile away! lol
    Thanks so much for coming by sweetie and for the sweet comment..please come by anytime..oh an I love that header pic you many pretty 'treasures'...have a great Sunday girl. ~Picket~

  11. I have never heard of this and frankly cannot believe it is discussed in such a calm, rational manner, as if it is a perfectly acceptable practice that we should all just embrace as a sign of the times. What's next - babies that don't cry?

  12. At the puppy mill where we rescued Beau, they rammed sharp edged cans down the dog's throats to sever their vocal chords, and believing that the female dogs would be easier to grab, they used sticks to poke their eyes out. Truly. Like it's not enough that their earning money from the suffering, but they have to make it EASIER for THEMSELVES!?

  13. Hell to the NO!! This is crazy! I had a Golden Retreiver, Rosie (may she rest in peace) that had laryngeal paralysis. For most of her 13 years it only affected her bark...she had a very hoarse bark...when really stressed it would be silent...and this was HORRIBLE to see...especially when she was trying to protect the toddlers but couldn't be heard...
    People that do this to their animals are sick...shame on them. I agree, there are some people that should be debarked!!
    (btw...I'm a newbie follower of yours) Love your blog so far!


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