Thursday, February 25, 2010

Who's Your Pick?

I really didn't get into American Idol last year(had my mind on other things at the time,I guess)but I got around to watching this year. There was/is some amazing talent this time. I have saw many leave that I wanted to stay but in the end my 2 favorites are still standing. I know alot of this is all about who is more marketable,which to me is so unfair after all this is a singing competition not a beauty contest. I prefer the one's that move me. Are you watching Idol this year? If so who are your fav's this time? Are you going to miss Simon? I will.
Do ya love Ellen? I do. Here are my favorites,I wish them luck!

This girl sings from the heart,love her!


  1. dad gum it", i dont watch IDOL,, lol . I probably need to relax more and watch it from time to time..

  2. I'm not overly impressed with Idol this year. I agree with you I like Crystal Bowersox she has a great voice (and she's an Ohio girl - so I gott a love her). There really isn't a guy that stands out there for me yet. I do think the show will suffer without Simon. I have always liked Ellen, but I wondered exactly what she had to offer Idol. I actually like her on there, she brings a balance to the judges. But, then I never cared for Paula, she was WAY too nice and only talked to be talking.

  3. Hi Dinah, I don't watch Idol, too busy blogging! As far as Simon, I don't like him much, Ellen is okay but I never watch her show and probably won't watch her on Idol either.

    Hope your favorites win!


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