Sunday, March 28, 2010

Taking Time to say Hello and a Bailee update!

Like you all I have been very busy trying to get ready for Spring,maybe I can get back to my favorite pastime(blogging)soon. I plan on posting some pix next week of some of the things I have been doing around here. I still haven't gotten to the yard work yet,it takes awhile to get things done when your the only one to do it and work too(all you single ladies know what I'm talking about). But until then I thought I would update you all on my Great-Granddaughter's progress. If you have been with me awhile you will remember Miss Bailee Grace was born in September and suffers from albonism and with that condition comes the possibility that she also could be blind. The Doctors said "only time will tell how her eye sight is". At the moment she is considered legally blind and it is very hard for her to focus her eyes but she can see some things within 12 to 18 inches. One thing is for sure,you can tell when she does finally focus in on you because then we get a big beautiful smile. Something like this.................


  1. What a beautiful baby Bailee is! My thoughts and prayers are with you that her eyesight will improve and/or there is a treatment that is available.

    Meanwhile, she looks very happy and lovely, and I'm sure she is responding to those who gift her with such loving care.

  2. Miss Bailee Grace is one beautiful baby, and I will keep her in my heart and prayers for her eyesight to be healed.....she looks like she is very contented, well loved and cared for...oh I love knowing this. God Bless you all ........:-) Hugs

  3. what a cutie. All thoughts for her good fortune.

  4. What a little Sweetie and so content. Wonderful that she can recognize you and give you a nice smile, hopefully with time her eyesight will improve and she will be smiling at you from across the room.


  5. All the love from her family will make her life as "normal" as yours or mine. :)
    Continue to share her life with us so that we will continue to pray for her.

  6. What a precious blessing little Bailee Grace is. I will be sending prayers to our Father for her complete healing. Bless her heart, you can tell from the pic how very contented and loved she is. Please keep us updated on her progress. I so believe in miracles, baby!

    God bless and have a wonderful Wednesday!!!


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