Monday, April 12, 2010

Time Sure Flies Here Lately!!

Happy Birthday Babe!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

This is Birthday week around here. Today is my oldest Son's birthday,he will turn 42 year's old. Tomorrow is his Daughter/my Granddaughter's birthday. How in the world is that possible when in my minds eye this is who I see when I look at him?

But in reality,this is what I see. My Granddaughter got her first car, she's so happy. Aren't memories the best? Old and new. Where DO the years go? Happy Birthday to two of the loves of my life!!


  1. It is so hard to see them as adults. Maybe it's cause our eyes are failing.

    Happy B'day to your clan.

  2. Birthdays, birthdays! My youngest turns 29 this week...can't believe it. I must have been a child

  3. Happy Birthday to your son and granddaughter, many blessings to them......:-) Hugs

  4. I can definitely "baby" turned 26 last week.

    Your son looks like a young Mark Wahlburg. Happy birthday to all!

  5. Where do they go indeed? I was thinking tonight that it seems like I've been 53 for a while. But I know, from experience, I soon turn around and say, who? Me? 64? No way. Lovely family

  6. Good grins to all on this fun occassion.. Happy Birtday to all and a good day to you...:)

  7. I can't imagine my son, who is almost 3, as an adult. But, I know time passes so quickly that it will come sooner than I think! Hope they had great birthdays!

  8. How wonderful love birthday babies - even if they have children and the children drive cars.

    ENJOY the days with your loved ones.


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