Thursday, July 8, 2010

Updating with Photo's

It's me,it's me,it's Dinah B. Yes,I have been very lazy with my blogging lately. I use the word lazy because there really isn't a good reason why I haven't but I have missed it. Summer is flying by but I'm not complaining cause I always look forward to Fall beside the fact that "we are FRYING down here"!! It is too hot right now to enjoy any outdoor activities,thank goodness we had a break in the heatwave over the 4th of July weekend. Which brings me to a few photo's I wanted to share with you.

Remember Bucky Covington? He was on American Idol a few season's back. Saw him in concert last Saturday night at a festival near my home. I really had a good time,he puts on an excellent show and gives it all he's got.

This is Miss Bailee Grace,she is growing so fast. She is 10 month's old now and walking around all the furniture and keeping everyone on their toe's.

I haven't gotten around to showing you the fountain I got for my Birthday. I just love it,so much that I put it in my kitchen.

Be back soon,promise.~Dinah~


  1. I like Bucky, He is from up the road a piece in NC.

  2. So enjoyed your photos, beautiful granddaughter and I really liked Bucky when on American Idol........:-) Hugs

  3. The photo of Bailee is priceless! (How is she doing, by the way?) Your decorating is so nostagic and inviting, Dinah, and putting the fountain in the kitchen was a great idea! Where exactly are you in Alabama? You're certainly right about the weather - we were 99 yesterday, and today again in the 90s with 60% humidity! We have a yard sale planned for tomorrow (Saturday), and it's either going to rain or be horribly hot.

  4. Nice post Dinah, I enjoyed the photos. It must be this summer weather, cuz I haven't been tending to my blog much either. That's ok, we'll catch up again in the cooler weather. Take care!

  5. Oh, that sounds like a fun experience!

    I love that photo of Miss Bailee...and the fountain! Oh, my, you have plucked these items off of my wish list. I LOVE stuff like this, but my kids made me promise not to stuff my house with anything more! Ha!!

  6. Hi Dinah! Glad to see you here and posting photos. What a cute fountain, no wonder you put it indoors where you can admire it.

    It's been hot as blazes here too, I finally went out and bought a portable air conditioner so I can stand the hot flashes Lol!

    Have a great weekend,

  7. If I knew where you got that fountain, it would be in MY kitchen too!

  8. Dana,the fountain was bought at Hobby Lobby.

  9. Little Miss Bailee is a living doll!

    That fountain is adorable! I've seen it at Hobby Lobby and thought about getting it myself. I have one on my front porch that looks like a tin watering can with a water faucet suspended in mid-air above - and the water is flowing! It's a great illusion.

    Hot as blazes here, too, but we've had a couple of days of afternoon thunderstorms that have cooled things off nicely. Now if the grass would only turn green again...

  10. I love seeing photos of Bailee Grace! Bucky ain't bad either. :)


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