Sunday, December 12, 2010

They Say a Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

I know,long time no see or is it "hear" from me. You know how it is,sometimes we just let life get in the way of things we want to do. I could go on and on with the every day happenings since I last posted(as I'm sure you all could)but it seems I just can't seem to catch up and have enough time. I'm sure that time will come after the holidays when everything seems to come to a stand still until Spring. I have missed posting because it is therapy for me but even more I've missed visiting all your blogs. I hope all your Holidays are just as you want them to be and Love and Happiness surrounds you always. So until the next time I thought I'd leave you with a little of my world at this time of year. Just Christmas in the country.~Dinah~


  1. I've wondered how you are doing...glad to hear you are doing well and keeping busy living life...your Christmas decorating is beautiful! I hope peace, joy and love surround you and your loved ones...may your holidays be merry and stress free! One can only Thanks for letting us know how you're doing! XX

  2. I can see from your pictures that you're doing well....for it is a happy, contented woman who decorates with such warmth and beauty. May the holidays bring you many warm and wonderful memories. Big hugs.

  3. Even thi I love to blog I have to make myself at times. I know, Makes no sense. Is good to see you back around.

    Lovely pics. I am jealous of you who can decorate.

  4. and a Merry Christmas to you,, I see you have plenty of spirit for the holidays in your decorations.. glad to hear that you are doing good.. come on back,, lol

  5. Hi Dinah! Thanks so much for your sweet and warm thoughts for me. Have a most wonderful adn joyous Christmas and blesed holiday season!

    hugs back,


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