Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another Saturday Night

It sure has been quiet around here today(well except for having to run and do a cath change for someone but that's a whole other story). The storms came and went yesterday and left behind a sunny but cool day today so I'm just kind of soaking it up,being lazy and recharging for the week ahead. Here's a couple of pix I took this
morning......see,I'm not the only one kicking back today.

But ya know,all this laying around got me to thinking back on Saturday Night's when I was younger. Back then it was unthinkable to imagine myself sitting home alone. Saturday Night was just meant to be like this.

But when you get older things change and you have to learn to accept it. Heck I've had my share of those night's. I'm not complaining,I've always got Sam Cooke to fall back on.~Dinah~


  1. When we were younger, we had energy to spare but didn't have to use it up on mundane activities like WORK. So being nothing more than hormones with feet, we had other things on our minds than just enjoying the surroundings.

    I'm glad you FINALLY put up a new post!

  2. Pretty and Green there.

    When I was growing up the first 8 Track tape my dad bought was by Sam Cooke.

    I'm at the point where nothing to do is a blessing cause most of the time its go go go.

    Saturday nites are for maybe dinner out and Redbox.


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