Thursday, September 22, 2011

Is it Me or Blogger?

Everytime I try to leave a comment on a blog post,it is telling me that I do not have permission to view this page. Is anyone else having this problem?~Dinah~


  1. No, not just you. I've spent the last two months with hit or miss comments. Sometimes it just won't post, sometimes I'm told I don't have permission, sometimes I can't sign in. Drives me crazy, but others are also having trouble. Like on your blog, since I have to select a profile, google won't let me sign in, even I've already signed in at my blog. So I'll try to use name/url, and maybe it'll work...and maybe not!

  2. That must be very frustrating! I had a different problem a few days ago. I used the blogger help, and finally found a suggestion from someone that solved the problem. I was told to go to Settings, then Global Setting at the bottom of the screen, and change to the updated editor. It fixed my problem, but I wondered why have an updated editor that's just sitting there unknown to the users.

    I don't know if you should try what I did or not. Hmmm...

    Hope you find a solution soon.

  3. I've hit on a couple just today. I don't know what the stinkin' problem but it's frustratin' the life outta me!

    God bless and have yourself a fantastic fall weekend!!!

  4. I've had various problems with Blogger over the years...which is probably why I switched most of my sites to Word Press.

    But when commenting, sometimes I do get a weird message about "not being signed in." I just hit the back button and try again. And usually it works the second time.

    Love your new fall blog header!

  5. I was thinkin' about ya and just wanted to pop in and wish you a happy holiday sweetie!

    God bless ya! :o)

  6. Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!


  7. Hey darlin'...'just droppin' by...haven't seen ya 'round for awhile.

    God bless and have an extraordinary week!!!

  8. Hello Dinah. Stopping by to let you know that you are missed in blogland. I hope you and your family are well.


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