Friday, May 8, 2009


Mother's Day is approaching and that makes me not only think of my Mother but also of Grandmother's. My paternal Grandmother was a very unique lady,a strong willed,brave and I think in alot of ways,ahead of her time. But then there were the superstitions that she made sure she taught me. She taught me well because I carry these with me till today(could be one reason that I'm a little OCD,well alot). Here we go.
It's bad luck to put new shoes on the table.
If you leave the house without something you need,don't go back,bad luck.
If someone is leaving,don't watch them out of site or they will never return.
Don't sing in bed,you will cry before morning.
Don't tell your dreams before breakfast,unless you want them to come true.
Crow's bring messages from the spirit world(by the way I love to hear them).
There will be a death in the family if a wild bird gets in the house.
Death always comes in three's.
Don't cut a baby's hair until it is at least one year old or it will not live.
Don't give a knife as a present,it will cut your love,have them give you a penny
as payment.
Don't let a baby see it's reflection in the mirror or it will die. And then there are the one's that are tried and true(never fails).If you hear a screech owl screeching ,someone you know will die unless you choke your wrist till it stops.(I really am sane,honest). My favorite of all because it really works is when you are ready to wean a baby from it's bottle, do it by the signs(the almanac)as long as the signs are at the knees or below, they will never give a problem. Worked on both my children. As you can imagine I could go on and on with this but I am sure by now there is a paddy wagon being sent my way. But I loved my grandmother dearly she was very special to me. I will be very blessed to find out my own grandchildren love me half as much. Was anyone else taught these things growing up? I will try to keep this blog sane from now on(maybe).


  1. OH, I forgot to mention my grandmother was a Cherokee Indian.

  2. I LOVE YOU!!!!! of course you already KNEW that, but still. (:

  3. I won't come back anymore if you start getting all sane on me. Who needs sane? Not me!

  4. Love it ,love it,love it,thats what we all love about u,sane would be no fun.


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