Sunday, August 2, 2009

Just For A Moment......I'm Taking A.........

This is the Fisher Building in Detroit,Michigan,when I was a child growing up there this is where my cousin and I used to spend our Saturday or Sunday going to the matinee. Oh the glory of this place and the likes of Rock Hudson and Doris Day. There is no longer movies being shown there,the theater now is for broadway productions,but they will never outshine the memories of a little girl going to a 15cent matinee.

How tall was this to a 9 year old?

The beautiful entrance to the building.

I can still remember the sounds bouncing off the marble in the building.

I so took it all for granted.

So beautiful,nothing has ever compared.

I must have thought my Daddy owned this because he wore a badge like this to work everyday. Oh the thoughts of a child,little did I put together that he worked for GM,but I figured it meant something special,after all it was on the Fisher Theater wall.

Oh how I wish I could have found pictures of the theater inside,it was unbelieveable if only in my memories.


  1. I'm not sure if this is the inside, you were seeing, but this is beautiful!

  2. love the pics!!! Thanks for the advice..I will see what i can do. I am still learning the ropes on this thing...again thanks..Ann

  3. Fabulous pictures thank you for sharing the story that goes with them. Your blog has really inspired me this past weekend.

  4. Really beautiful pictures, and memories, thanks for sharing all that.


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