Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just call me ..............

That's me,always good for a laugh and the older I get,the worse I get. Yesterday I was pulling up weeds for the lady I work for. I was pulling on one of those running evergreens when my hand slipped,hit myself right in the kneecap with my fist. I thought she was going to fall out of the wheelchair laughing at me. Luckily,it soon stop hurting and I was happy to have dodged a bullit. I came home that afternoon thinking I would get ahead on my chores. I changed all the sheets,fed the furrychildren and took them for a walk,got the mail,and swept the porch. I happened to notice the lawnmower needed cleaning. I first was going to wipe off the dried grass,so I bent down and was wiping the grass away and when I started to get up,oh the pain. Apparently I pulled something in the back of my knee. So,the rest of the evening I spent on the couch with a heating pad,hoping it would be better this morning. I'm glad to say it is a lot better today,at least I can walk through the house without holding to everything I pass. Needless to say,the knee gods were after me yesterday. On the upside,for the first time,in a long time,I watched a movie all the way through in one sitting,I read half of a book and got to bed early. See,all things happen for a reason. I am hopeful that tomorrow I will be good as new. Clumsy?Unlucky?Cursed? Who knows? It wasn't as bad as the time I tripped over a toothpick(really happened)but that's another story.


  1. Now who's been workin the Voodoo Doll? HA!

  2. Heres to a better day!!!

  3. Ohhh take care of your knees - from one that is fighting replacement. I have a very expensive brace I have to wear if I do anything strenuous - right now I avoid strenuous *winks*


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