Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Listen Up Trick or Treater's

Just in case your thinking about going trick or treating(just for old time sake)this weekend,I thought you might like to update your halloween vocabulary. Time changes all things you know. So here is your Halloween Dictionary:

Bobbing Apples: What happens when you leave your bra off while running.

Boogieman: Guy who passes time at a stoplight picking his nose.

Coffin: What you do when you get a piece of popcorn stuck in your throat.

Frankenstein: Hot dog and a mug of beer.

Full moon: What your repairman reveals when he bends over to fix your fridge.

Goblin: How you eat the Snickers bars you got for Halloween.

Invisible Man: What a guy becomes when there's housework to be done. Also, see "Mr. Hyde."

Jack O' Lantern: An Irish Pumpkin.

Jack the Ripper: What Jack does to his lottery tickets after losing each week.

Mummy: Who kisses the boo-boo after you scrape your knee.

Pumpkin Patch: What a pumpkin wears when trying to quit smoking.

Skeleton: Any supermodel.

Vampire Bat: What Dracula hits a baseball with.

Witch: See "Mother-in-Law."

Zombie: What you look like before that first cup of morning coffee.


  1. Seleton, Witch, and Zombie are my favorites. :)

  2. Hahahahahahaha!!! I'm still laughing. Very funny.

  3. THOSE were worth the long trip to get here.

  4. Hi, just found you through Anita.

    Loved your vocabulary update! Thanks, I'll know all the lingo now when the kids show up on Saturday night!

  5. Funny! Love the scarecrow pics!

  6. "Zombie: What you look like before that first cup of morning coffee."

    Oh, man. I hope not.

  7. This vocab really cracked me up...hope I didn't wake any one up! Love your blog and am hoping to get to know you. I meant to get back with you earlier, but been sick. Hugs, Linda

  8. What a fun way to start a Thursday. I am still laughing. Thanks for stopping at my blog and I look forward to spending more time with you.


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