Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Sites

Hello all, Yes,I know I should have stayed home today and mowed the lawn. Yes,I know it is going to rain all week and the grass will be another 2 inches higher before the rain stops so I can mow. I also know that I will hate myself for putting this off(I usually don't do this)But sometimes you just have to say the heck with it. It was so beautiful today(too beautiful to work)and there won't be a lot more of these days before winter sets in. Fall is my favorite time of year to site see soooooooo,I hit the road and this is some of the things I saw today. You can enlarge these photo's if you like.

Antique stores and gift shops and a one stop light town,I found heaven. This is Cave Springs, Georgia,such a charming little Town.

Inside one of the antique stores we went in

Isn't fall such a beautiful time of year?

Enlarge this photo....What do YOU see in this tree trunk?

Wow,I want this done to my old tree stumps

I just can't help it,I Love these old houses


  1. Pretty! We also went to Georgia this weekend, but not willingly. Heard of a little town named Cedar Creek, I think?

  2. Very beautiful pictures. I love fall too!

  3. Hey you !! I am so glad your getting my feeds now. I actually figured out what was wrong. I have been playing with this thing all day!!! I love your sunday drive wish I could have joined you!!!
    Many Blessing's


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